Water Data Management Solution for Groundwater Monitoring

Deployed across all relevant sectors including landfill security, well field monitoring programs, pumping tests, and drinking water supply, KISTERS solutions can be used to measure groundwater data.

Measured data from various sources can be archived and managed directly. Possible sources include measuring devices, which operate automatically or manually, remote data calls, manual collection during observational or control trips, external data and data archives. All relevant parameters are available for groundwater monitoring:

  • Relative and absolute water level (simultaneous display of dip measurement and meters above sea level)
  • Top of Casing Heights over time
  • Well parameters such as hydraulic conductivity, transmissivity, etc.
  • Pumping rates and daily quotas
  • Water and air temperature
  • Precipitation
  • Qualitative parameters, such as conductivity, pH value, clouding and other chemical and physical parameters
  • measuring points and ground level elevation (with history management), etc.

  • Sophisticated graphical and tabular tools for validating measured data through groundwater monitoring, i.e. observation, processing, and correction.
  • Your measured data can be passed through automatic or manual tests and validation checks as it is read into the system.
  • Internationally standardized statistical and evaluation procedures and calculation rules (e.g. extreme value statistics, duration curves, trend analyses, long-term values) may also be integrated.
  • With the Water Quality module, capture all of your discrete water quality sampling data and easily integrate the results into analyses with other time series data.
  • Drill profiles, extension plans, maps of surrounding areas, overview plans, or photographs can be linked into the user interface, and the system is equipped with a direct interface for web display (Intranet and Internet).