Water Data Management Solution for Hydrometric Network Monitoring

Centralize your hydrometric network monitoring efforts with KISTERS solutions. They provide a complete range of tools to monitor surface water, groundwater, meteorological, and water quality data.

  • Archiving and management of ALL measured data whether automatically or manually collected in your hydrometric network
  • Cross media availability for all relevant parameters, e.g. relative and absolute water level, discharge, velocities, water and air temperature, precipitation, qualitative quality parameters (such as conductivity, pH value, cloudiness and other chemical-physical parameters), measuring point height and ground level, and elevation (including history management)
  • Discharge measurement manager to capture manual and ADCP flow gaugings which can then be used to develop ratings in the rating curve editor
  • Interface with KISTERS or existing telemetry systems to remotely monitor your network in real-time
  • Add value to your data with integrated QA/QC tool with free text and system generated commenting capabilities
  • Develop a link and node model of your network, complete with remote calls to external hydrologic models
  • Work processes and organizational processes are automated and optimized by a central data repositor
  • Scalable multi-user system with back-end deployment on professional database systems (ORACLE, MSSQL
  • Reduce time consuming data requests by sharing monitoring data with the public or other colleagues through a highly configurable web module
  • Integrate your monitoring data with your GIS Department for efficient map creation

  • A KISTERS solution offers an unparalleled comprehensive suite of hydrological and meteorological evaluation tools, which can be used to analyze your measured data
  • Proven robustness and capability to handle the most demanding situations through our global client installation base
  • A solution that has been developed, tested and supported by engineers in water resource management disciplines