Water Data Management Solution for Surface Water - Environmental - Environmental Management

Time series data management tools for collecting, importing, validating, calculating,managing, archiving, and reporting surface water data both automatically and manually.

  • IMPORTS, PROCESSES and STORES all Hydrological and Environmental data
  • Stores all data in a single, industry standard, optimized, database
  • Has integrated tools for Discharge Analysis and Rating Curve Development
  • Has integrated add-on modules
  • Has various data distribution options
  • Has limitless storage capacity

  • Fully integrated Discharge Measurement Manager, Rating Curve development and manager, Time series manager, Scripting tools, Modeling tools Central, optimized solution for management and especially analysis and archiving of all relevant data with regard to an extensive hydrological network
  • Meets process requirements for hydrometric activities, and guarantees collective data maintenance of quantitative hydrological and water quality data in one archive
  • Automated and optimized work processes and company processes
  • Reduced support and maintenance expenditures to maintain your network
  • Central data storage providing cross-organizational access