Water Data Management Solution for Urban Hydrology - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Use KISTERS solutions to manage all of the various data from your Urban Water Management programs. From water distribution to water treatment, infiltration and inflow studies, groundwater, as well as long term precipitation monitoring and real time control systems. An optional water quality module is also available to manage your discrete sample data.

  • Central data management platform for the entire organization that is directly linked to your operational data
  • Mobile data collection solutions to connect your field staff to the central data repository
  • Import your data logger data using a configurable import utility
  • Supplement your urban rainfall monitoring with a Gauge Adjusted Radar solution like CALAMAR for guaranteed results
  • Use KISTERS solutions to monitor all your sanitary and storm drainage flows
  • Create and store IDF curves

  • Storm Water Management and Inflow and Infiltration analysis
  • Support your CSO Monitoring (Auto-Surveillance) and Real Time Control systems
  • Central solution for monitoring storm water, waste water, water distribution, groundwater, precipitation/rainfall, and water quality samples
  • Perform complex optimization scenarios (ResOpt solution required)