Water Data Management Solution for Water Quality - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Monitor any water quality parameter you collect, no matter where it has been collected from. Store quality data from manually or automatically collected spot samples, and even continuously collected samples such as those from auto-samplers and sondes.

  • Perform advanced calculations and statistics on your data, including loading
  • Store and compare both discrete sample and continuously sampled quality data
  • Collect unique sampling location meta data on a per sample basis, including GIS coordinates!
  • Generate water quality maps with an ArcGIS extension.
  • Interface with common LIMS systems through an easy to use configurable importer utility and import not only measured and analytical values, but also verbal descriptions of the sample.
  • Easily export data in common formats for use in other popular desktop pc software

  • Assists with the protection and improvement of aquatic ecosystems and the sustained advancement of our bodies of water
  • Allows users to organize and directly link water quality data and hydrological information (e.g. for load calculations) in a relational database.
  • Water quality module is completely integrated into the core WISKI or Hydstra application for seamless ease of use