Water Data Management Solution for Water Security - Environmental - Environmental Management

KISTERS is a world leader in solving water data management challenges due to its extensive international experience, continued R&D capabilities, and leading time series data management solutions.

  • Collect and integrate information from multiple sources
  • Present information from all connected systems in a user friendly desktop, GIS, or web interface
  • Enable users to alarm on any incoming data source, or on complex calculations
  • Connects to all types of communication systems including radio, telephone, SMS, fax, and email
  • Intelligently assesses data to provide early warning
  • Records all events, information, actions and automatically generates reports for debriefings.

  • Interfaces to existing systems
  • Provides high speed and robust management of time series data
  • Manages an unlimited number of input parameters and monitoring locations
  • Multi-function software tool for any government, municipality, and water utility