Water Data Management Solution for Water & Wastewater Treatment

KISTERS solutions provide powerful data management capabilities for water/wastewater treatment plant operators. Easily interfaced to existing SCADA and telemetry systems, KISTERS solutions provide superior graphical and tabular editing and reporting capabilities for your process data. KISTERS solutions are a “future proof” choice for your data historian.

  • Collect, store, manage, analyze, report on key operational process data for all of your water/wastewater facilities
  • Portable Field Computer tools for data collection and observations
  • Transfer operational data from your existing SCADA system to a KISTERS solution for detailed analysis, trending and compliance reporting
  • Unlimited storage capability! Unlimited parameters! No SCADA tag limitations
  • Automated and Ad-hoc custom reports
  • Automated QA/QC of all data inputs with system and free comments available
  • Capture extensive meta data for individual monitoring locations to support ongoing maintenance and operations like pictures, part serial numbers, inventory tags, and more.

  • Central data management platform for the entire organization that is directly linked to your operational data. Mobile data collection solutions to connect your field staff to the central data management platform.
  • For general drainage planning, it can pass discharge data from your network to external hydraulic models for further analysis