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Water Disinfection for Food and Beverage Water Treatment - Food and Beverage

MIOX provides advanced chemical solutions to the food, beverage and farming industries for all water treatment applications including source water treatment, surface or groundwater, process water treatment, cooling towers on the facility, bottle and surface disinfection, and clean in place (CIP) for syrups and raw sugars. Our team designs custom solutions to deliver safe, effective, and economically attractive alternatives to minimize or eliminate the use of expensive and hazardous delivered chemicals.

MIOX on-site disinfectant generators are a safe and cost-effective solution to generating a variety of effective surface disinfectants at your facility. Lower concentration and less dwell time make MIOX chemistries the ideal choice in preventing the spread of germs and other microorganisms while eliminating the need for stored chemicals at your facility.

Check out the various Municipal applications:

MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) technology does the following:

  • Legionella Elimination
  • Biofilm Removal
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Dairy Agriculture
  • Food Safety
  • Beverage Processing