Water Disinfection for Oil and Gas Water Treatment - Oil, Gas & Refineries

Economic, environmental and operational demands challenge drilling operators to produce results in a highly regulated and competitive environment. MIOX chemical generators offers an efficient, effective, low cost solution for treating high volumes of water and achieve a superior bacterial kill. And because MIOX technology operates with salt, water and electricity, there are virtually no health, safety or environmental concerns at the drill site or down-hole.

MIOX has developed a highly effective disinfection technology for use in the oil and gas industry which creates Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) biocide—on location and on the fly— consisting predominantly of sodium hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide. When applied correctly, MOS can completely eliminate SRBs and all other bacteria.

Check out the various Oil & Gas applications:

MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) technology does the following:
  • Kills Bacteria (especially H2S causing Bacteria)
  • Eliminates existing H2S
  • Treats out Ammonia
  • Oxidizes Iron (Fe2) and heavy metals
  • Safest biocide alternative in Oil & Gas industry
  • Treats at High Volume High Rate Capacity
  • On-Site Chemical Generation
  • Eliminates Chemical Middle Men
  • Highest Performance vs. Per Barrel Cost
  • Outperforms Ozone, UV, Chlorine Dioxide, Electrocoagulation and conventional biocides on cost vs. performance
  • Helps Allow Reuse and Recycling of Produced and Flowback Water
  • Potential to reuse brine / produced water waste streams as feedstock