Sistema Azud, S.A.

Water filtration systems for golf courses field - Environmental

Azud develops an special filtration equipment with a favourable response in the main golf complexes in Spain. It is an automatic system that supports a higher pressure (PN 16 bar) and that protects efficiently the microirrigation and sprinkling system, avoiding the clogging of the drippers, and the wearing or block of the nozzles, obtaining therefore, the uniformity of the irrigation.

  • They allow the use of water from the lakes and ponds that normally have a high percentage of particles.
  • Saving of water. The design of the discs allows less water requirements to backflush the discs.
  • Autonomy. The equipments start automatically the backflushing process when there is dirtiness in the same.
  • Modularity. The equipments are modular. The installation can be easily expanded and they are smaller than the common ones