Water filtration with UV purification for education

Waterlogic POU bottleless water dispensers are an essential tool for schools. At school, when you’re promoting a healthy lifestyle and pushing alternatives to sugary drinks, Waterlogic POU bottleless water dispenser systems are an essential tool. Drinking plenty of clean, healthy water keeps students alert and functioning at their highest level. And now, water at school has never been easier. Waterlogic has developed a bottleless water cooler (or bottleless water dispenser system) that serves up the purest and best-tasting water around. Students will be lining up to fill their cups. The good news about water at school from a bottleless water dispenser is that our high-capacity machines can stand up to the demands of the busiest campus and the rigors of school and university life.

Furthermore, many universities and colleges offer meal programs to students, and by installing a Waterlogic POU bottleless water cooler, water at school can turn out to be a great refreshment in a very cost-effective and sustainable way.

Free access to cold, fresh water all day long from a bottleless water dispenser lessens the attraction of sugar-filled cans.  Plus, water at school keeps staff at their best, too.