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Water monitoring instruments by waste water testing - Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

Waste water is one of the most important environments to monitor. Increasingly strict regulations require cleaner waste water discharges into both watercourses and sewer systems. Monitoring waste water before discharge allows you to detect any potential pollutants and trigger re-treatment, so that these can be removed. Aquaread designs and manufactures a range of water testing equipment that is ideal for various environments and deployments.

By monitoring the treatment systems on site and in real time, you can ensure regulatory compliance and minimise the risk of potential fines imposed by regulatory bodies.

Our AP-2000 Aquaprobe can provide all the essential parameters required.

Its rugged design will protect the electrodes during deployment and its small size makes it easy to carry from location to location.

There are significant cost saving benefits to online monitoring in the treatment systems via telemetry, as site visits can be reduced.

Our AP-7000 self cleaning probe collects a multitude of data to be utilised for waste water analysis. Its novel dual wiping system will clean ALL electrodes, making it perfect for extended deployments, reducing the necessity for frequent site visits.

The system is available with different output, options such as SDI-12 and Modbus (RS485) to enable connections to almost any telemetry device on the market, meaning it can be seamlessly integrated into existing telemetric networks.