Monitran Ltd

Water Pump Vibration Monitoring - Water and Wastewater

The water and wastewater industry uses a large number of pumps of all sizes and ratings, along with their associated driving motors, and they are often run continuously. Monitoring the health of their bearings using vibration sensors enables faults to be detected early, reducing unplanned maintenance shutdowns and supply interruptions.

Typical locations where vibration sensors can be fitted include vertical pump upper and lower bearings, horizontal pump and compressor inner and outer bearings, and thrust bearings on pumps and other driven machines such as blowers and fans.

Monitran manufactures a range of accelerometers for water and waste applications, notably the 1100W and 1185W. These extend the capability of standard industrial units by allowing continuous submerged operation at depths of up to 100m. Additionally, their integral heavy duty polyurethane cable can withstand total immersion for many years without degradation or swelling.