SWAN Analytische Instrumente AG

Water quality monitoring systems for high water purifier industry - Water and Wastewater - Water Filtration and Separation

The monitoring of “Ultra Pure Water” or “High Purity Water” requires the lowest possible detection limits for process analyzers. Resistivity is often around 18 MΩ. Dedicated instruments can detect infinitely small amounts (ppt e.g. parts per trillion) of ions.

The pretreatment phase uses identical analyzers for Chlorine and Ozone as potable water plants. The measurement after dechlorination is more critical because the chlorine content must be zero.

  • AMI Trides is the best choice for such applications. The Trides sensor has virtually no drift. The absence of sample and the failure of sensor cleaning will trigger an alarm. Hence there are no false zeros. Samples must have a conductivity superior to 5 µSiemens.
  • AMI Codes is the right choice for samples with a conductivity below 5 µSiemens.
  • CHEMATEST portable photometer: A high precision portable photometer for chlorine, ozone and other disinfectants is available for calibration and QC.