Water quality monitoring systems for portable water plants

Low maintenance and reliability are key requirements for analyzers in potable water plants. Cost of ownership is another big issue.

Two different technologies are available for monitoring free chlorine, ozone, chlorine dioxide or monochloramine. The choice of the technology depends on water treatment methods:

  • Amperometric three electrode system TRIDES: Treatment with free chlorine, chlorine dioxide or ozone. Dual channel system (chlorine and pH) will provide on-line conversion from hypochlorous acid to free chlorine without reagents.
  • Process photometers CODES: Work under the same conditions as the amperometric system. In addition they can be used for monochloramine. pH compensation is not necessary because the reagents contain a buffer solution.

Amperometric systems have lower cost of ownership (no reagents). Under unknown conditions (and at pH above 8.5) it is safer to use a photometer.

CHEMATEST portable photometer: A high precision portable photometer is needed for calibration in any case.