Water reuse for the food industry - Food and Beverage - Food

Especially in the food industry large volumes of water are consumed. This process water is often discharged directly or discharged after passing a wastewater treatment station. Due to the increasing costs of (process)water companies try to reduce the water consumption mainly through reuse. An important aspect of this development is to comply with the high water quality standards.

There are three kinds of water reuse cycles:

Re-use: Reuse of water within the production process
Recycling: Reuse of water over the production process
Second use: Reuse of water outside the production process

Colsen b.v. supports, introduces and implement, together with the customer, optimisation in the field of (waste)water recycling/reuse.

Through the implementation of waterpinch (pinch-technology) internal water is reused within the production process. This technology is transferred from the energypinch and is adjusted to implement for optimisation and mainly reduction of the water consumption. The (water)quality requirements for each stage of the production process forms the basis of the waterpinch.

Beside the waterpich the possibility its viable to upgrade/treat the wastewater for process water. Currently, a lot of systems are designed and in operation at several factories in Europe. The expectation is that due to the implementation of membrane techniques this way of water reuse will increase significantly.
The membranebioreactor plays the role of intermediair in this process. With additional reversed osmose techniques process water of any kind can be produced at relatively low costs.

Colsen b.v. can help with all of the water related issues within the factory side. From theoretical studies/investigations to practical adjustments inside the factory. From design and engineering to realisation, implementation and control.