Water Storage for the Crude Oil Industry - Oil, Gas & Refineries - Oil

Superior Tank Co., Inc. manufactures Bolted Steel Tanks and Welded Steel Tanks specifically designed for the oil industry. Bolted steel tanks are tailored to the strict requirements of oil storage and API 12B Standard with capacities from 100 to 10,000 BBL. Coatings and accessories are specifically designed for the oil and petrochemical industry. Flat panel Bolted Steel Tanks are also available for oil storage.

Comply with API 12B standard

Sample applications:

• Petrochemical processing facilities
• Oil field storage
• Bioenergy production

 Features/benefi­ts of STCI Bolted Steel Tank:

• Optional special chemical resistant 3M Scotchkote™ 134 powder coating
• Heavy duty Buna-N or Viton gasket designed for corrosive petrochemical storage (Excellent compatibility with Ammonium Salts, Animal fats, ASTM Oil categories #1, #2,#3, ASTM reference Fuel A, B, Copper Salts, Detergents, Diesel Oil, Glycerin, Kerosene, Palm Oil, Potassium Salts, Tallow, Zinc Sulfate.)
• Vapor tight or open top Bolted Steel Tanks available
• Floating roofs, cone roofs and external rafters also available
• Interchangeable panels make it easy to expand/relocate tank or replace damaged panels


For larger capacities, Superior Tank Co., Inc. also manufactures and installs Welded Steel Tanks for oil storage.  Welded Steel Tanks for crude oil range up to 475,000 BBL. Specialized accessories designed for crude oil storage and oil processing are available for our welded steel tanks.  Our installation teams are familiar with Safety In Design (SID) standards to prevent injury on the jobsite.