Water systems for industrial sector - Water and Wastewater

The Magnation Industrial Next Generation and Big Blue Pump & Irrigation systems, and Rainbolt Well systems are designed to reduce the impact of scaling,and improve water flow and energy efficiency in virtually any industrial application. Guaranteed less salts, less energy use, less chemical use, and reduced maintenance while extending the longevity of pipes. Our non-chemical system is available in a complete range of sizes, from the 2” Diameter System to large-scale applications including well drilling, manufacturing and processing plants, car washes, golf courses, construction, real-estate developments and power plants, to name a few.

Magnation water systems reduce scale buildup for cleaner, more efficient pipes. It increases flow, reduces maintenance, and eliminates the need for chemicals.

Industries that use water for heating, cooling, sterilization, and wash-down systems will reduce costs and enhance environmental sustainability with the Magnation water systems ability to reduce scaling.

In addition to reversing scaling challenges, efficiency is further enhanced by a reduction in the time and costs spent on maintenance and expensive machinery.

The magnetized water created by Magnation water systems also soften water without the use of chemicals to improve the performance of soaps, detergents and other cleaning agents, providing even greater cost savings.

  • Less chemicals due to increased solubility and disolveability
  • Corrosion & scale buildup prevention/removal from pipes
  • Decreased friction loss and viscosity therefore less RPM
  • Increased water flow with same pressure
  • Less energy and more pump efficiency
  • Improving wash down systems
  • Reduced temperature