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Metering and disinfection in the food industry. Perfect hygiene and precise metering are indispensable in food production. To achieve this, ProMinent supplies appropriate and reliable measurement, control and metering technology as well as various water disinfection systems.

Food – a commodity with extremely high hygiene requirements
Food is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms and can easily be contaminated with substances and residues which are harmful to human health. German food hygiene regulations therefore obligate any company working with foodstuffs to continually monitor their operations to prevent any hygiene risks.

The risks come in very different forms, and may arise from the potable or process water used, or contamination of the equipment and machinery used. Proper cleaning and disinfection is therefore essential for compliance with statutory guidelines.

Disinfection, metering, measurements and control – ProMinent's got it all covered
Complete hygiene therefore requires reliable, economical disinfection solutions that protect the whole production chain. Metering pumps and disinfection systems are ideally placed to provide this. Highly accurate metering of the chemicals needed ensures that no unwanted substances impair the quality of the end product. For example, over-metering does not produce a better result, but is more likely to damage material whereas under-metering results in a selection of resistant microorganisms. The basic principle of 'as little as possible - as much as is needed' applies to metering.

ProMinent provides a wide range of products for all these challenges, covering everything from individual solutions to made-to-measure complete solutions for all production processes.