Kinetico - an Axel Johnson Company

Water treatment solutions for HVAC - Air and Climate - Indoor Air

For Kinetico, that realization extends to the importance of specialized water treatment solutions customized for specific, wide-ranging applications. Our filters and softeners come in a variety of configurations designed to produce safe, clean drinking water and remove contaminants and hardness. This greatly improves overall water quality and protects expensive (and essential) boilers, laundry facilities and commercial kitchen appliances. To convert first-time guests into repeat customers and to safeguard your costly equipment, turn to Kinetico for the highest-quality water.

  • Improves comfort for guests in showers and baths
  • Reduces possibility of soap irritants
  • Produces safe, clean, great-tasting drinking water
  • Extends life of water-using appliances, such as hot water tanks, dishwashers, clothes washers and bathroom fixtures
  • Minimizes detergent and soap expenses