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Water treatment solutions for mining water treatment industry - Mining

From initial operations to post extraction operational maintenance, mining companies are being faced with a range of water treatment challenges, including water availability, water management, and stricter environmental regulations on water quality discharge limits. These challenges require effective and sustainable mine water treatment solutions. Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. assists mining companies worldwide in meeting these challenges with cost efficient, innovative and sustainable mine water treatment solutions that are reliable, flexible and fully meet environmental compliance standards.

Working in conjunction with leading mining operation companies across the world and our local partners, we assist mining companies with the following featured solutions to assist you with decreased production and treatment disposal costs, while protecting the environments in which you operate.

How can we assist you with your lithium extraction or heavy metals treatment operations?
We look forward to engaging with you on these specific treatment issues.

Genesis Water Technologies proven process water and waste water treatment solutions are designed, engineered, and built to exceed established regulatory requirements, serving the specialized needs of power generation, oil & gas, mining and petrochemical industries across the world.

We have the expertise and global reach with our local partners to provide these specialized solutions to leading power, mining, petrochemical and oil/gas companies to optimize water management, maintain regulatory compliance, and alleviate problems associated with water scarcity.

For applications including:

  • Boiler feed water
  • Process Water
  • Cooling Tower Water
  • Waste water Treatment & Reuse

Our Solutions Offer You:

  • Optimized Management of Water
  • Modular Design for Environmental Footprint Reduction
  • Lower Operating & Maintenance Costs
  • Simple Integration into existing and new facilities
  • Regulatory Compliance

Specialized Technologies include:

Raw Water Treatment

  • Specialized Electrocoagulation
  • Primary Filtration

Secondary Treatment

  • Specialized Filtration Systems

Tertiary Treatment (Membrane Processes)

  • Ultrafiltration
  • Nanofiltration
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Nanofiber Prefiltration Technology

Genesis Water Technologies provides technical support agreements and system consumables agreements for our water treatment solutions including:

  • Filtration medias (Anthracite, GWT Zeolite, Activated Carbon, Sand)
  • Membranes / Membrane Vessels
  • Filter Cartridges
  • Resins
  • RO Anti-scalant chemicals