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Water is the most valuable resource on earth...…and it should be treated as such. ProMinent specialises in reliable solutions for water treatment and disinfection that effectively eliminate bacteria, viruses and harmful substances.

Zero compromise

Good potable water is clear, odour- and taste-neutral, and not too high in mineral salts. It must also meet very high standards of hygiene. ProMinent offers a full range of technologies for disinfection, oxidation, membrane filtration and desalination. With these technologies, it's possible to achieve very high quality potable water in accordance with global WHO standards.

From Madeira to Thailand

Water needs to be processed differently depending on its origin and how dirty it is. ProMinent has the right cleaning process for every requirement. This is the only way to ensure the best possible quality - anywhere in the world. Whether it's table water in Madeira, potable water for a Swiss town or an immediate water supply for flood victims in Thailand, ProMinent products and mature complete solutions provide potable water of a reliable high standard. Thanks to built-in measuring and control technology, the quality of the water in the treatment systems can be monitored immediately and in situ. This offers the benefits of high operational reliability and low costs for the operator.

Experience plus expertise = excellent advice

ProMinent has products to cover almost every process used to treat and disinfect potable water. Our systems, including their components, are all manufactured in house and can be preassembled ready for operation or individually configured. Your operating costs stay low while your processes remain lean and efficient. You benefit all along the line from the expertise of our engineers and technicians, from planning and engineering to maintenance and training.