Water treatment solutions for private swimming pools - Water and Wastewater - Swimming Pools

Turn your dream into reality. The time has come – you are planning your own swimming pool. You`ve got the space and a rough idea of what it will look like – now all you need is the right technology and the right partner to make it happen. ProMinent is ready!

Outstanding technology! Outstanding water! Outstanding fun factor!
How does a water circulation system work? What pool types are available? What do metering pumps do? At the end of the day, you are only looking for one thing: clean, clear pool water at a pleasant temperature. And you'll want clever, easy-to-operate and smooth-running technology and clear operating costs.

Whether you go for a solid skimmer pool, which is quick to install and easy to maintain, or a more extravagant and great-looking overflow pool with good pool hydraulics, you'll need expert advice in advance and trustworthy partners for construction, installation and commissioning. ProMinent provides proven pool technology for any size of pool and extensive expertise and knowledge of the industry. We have been successfully collaborating with leading partners in pool planning and construction for several decades. In Germany and around the globe, we can put you in touch with certified local companies to build your private swimming pool.

Complicated is so old hat – nowadays everything is easy to operate
These days pool water is usually treated as follows: mechanical pool water filtering, chemical water treatment and hydraulic water flow in the pool itself. If one part of this treatment chain isn't working properly, the water quality suffers and the malfunction also impacts on operating costs. ProMinent has the products and systems you need for correcting pH and chlorine values, safe disinfection, flocculation and filtration.

Our ready mounted complete solutions, for example, provide all the necessary functions in one system: continuous measurement of hygiene parameters, control based on these parameters and adapted metering. You benefit from smoothly running treatment technology, pool water which is crystal clear at all times and reduced operating costs.

The benefits at a glance:

  • One contact and supplier for all your water treatment, metering, measuring and control technology
  • Global and regional network of competent and certified partners in pool planning and construction
  • Reduced operating costs thanks to easy-to-install and easy-to-operate complete solutions with low maintenance outlays
  • High feel-good factor thanks to crystal-clear pool water with no chlorine odours or red eyes
  • Clever and simple operation of measuring and control technology using a smartphone or iPad from anywhere in the world