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Crystal-clear water in zoos and aquariums. Fresh water = marine animals and sea dwellers full of energy. By reliably treating salt water and fresh water, ProMaqua technology creates the optimum conditions for sharks, polar bears, turtles and other marine animals.

Very good water quality for happy animals
When you need really good water treatment, look no further than ProMinent's ozone system: it unrelentingly removes harmful and organic substances from the water, yet is totally safe for the animals living there. Its secret ingredient is small volumes of highly effective ozone which produces crystal-clear water and prevents diseases through micro-flocculation. For added peace of mind, you can also disinfect the treated aquarium water with our UV systems. Infections are then virtually ruled out as the aquatic animals lead healthy lives in clean water.

A clear view for visitors
Perfectly treated aquarium water is essential to the aquatic animals in zoos and is great for visitors too: their view of the zoo inhabitants is totally unspoilt. Thanks to our ozone systems, algae no longer forms in the water. It is crystal-clear at all times. What's more, our components can also be made very creature-friendly. If your aquarium inhabitants are very sensitive (use echolocation), we can use a special plastic. And of course our technology is zoo-friendly too: all the system technology can be centrally controlled with ease using appropriate measurement and control systems.

We'll explain it all
In fact, everything runs automatically: the process controller can be programmed to meet your needs and continually controls all processes in the tanks. Should anything out of the ordinary occur, you instantly receive fault messages. We explain everything in an informative instruction session so the zoo staff know exactly what to do and you get everything right from the start.