Autoscribe Informatics

Water & Waste Water LIMS Solutions

Water testing laboratories and laboratories that support water treatment plants have long discovered the benefits of Laboratory Information Management Systems - LIMS. Today many are looking to replace earlier systems with a system that is easier to support, has a proven upgrade path and is highly flexible and configurable. These laboratories as well as new facilities being commissioned will benefit by installing a user specific configuration from the very successful Autoscribe Matrix LIMS software designed specifically for the water and waste water industry.

Our Water & Waste LIMS has been developed with inputs from several large US metropolitan water districts and contains the deep functionality, automation, traceability and reports needed for this application. Until now, most LIMS targeted at this application were either custom written and therefore expensive to support and hard to upgrade, or were commercial systems that delivered some of the required functionality, but were very rigid and difficult to change.

Our system is built using the extremely powerful and easy to use configuration tools that are part of Matrix LIMS. There is no custom code to support and no special scripts to write. This system delivers most of the functionality required by a water treatment laboratory out of the box. However, as each laboratory has some different requirements, these are satisfied by changes to the configuration rather than using custom code. Every Matrix system has the same source code. All differences in appearance, terminology, workflow, tests and reports are contained in the configuration files. This means that systems are fast to implement and readily supported by our in-house help desk staff.