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Weather data is only useful to professional users if it is accessible and relevant. A weather station console on the desk is nice, but it is often inadequate for extracting trends, analyzing historical information, integrating to automation systems, or applying the data to operational decisions. For commercial users, the cost of disseminating information to key users and systems is a significant factor affecting the value of the weather station equipment. The hoops users may have to jump through to accomplish this can be intimidating and the usability of the end solution questionable. To meet the needs of end users, Dyacon weather stations provide a variety of weather station connectivity methods both for users and data systems.

This popular personal weather station portal is used by thousands of user. All data is publicly accessible.

Dyacon has supported Weather Underground from the very beginning and it has become a popular and free option for most Dyacon users. The interface is intuitive and easy to use.

The main draw backs are the lack of access controls, limited sensor data, and advertisements. But, what do you expect from a free service. Nevertheless, it is a valuable tool for Dyacon users.

You can see some of our customers stations on our Live Stations page.

TM Weather Underground is a trade mark of The Weather Channel, An IBM Company.

One of the most powerful connectivity options for Dyacon weather stations is the text message interface.

Users can receive instant condition reports and alarms directly from the weather station. Specific messages are available for heat stress, aviation, and general applications.

The station can also be remotely configured and debugged using text messages. No cables, programs, cards, or adapters.

Users that want ALL of the data in the raw form of a CSV log file, will be happy to use the FTP upload capability. The upload interval and server login is easily configured.

Additionally, a number of professional weather services use FTP. Vista Data Vision, Accuweather, and MesoWest have all been tested with Dyacon weather station data through FTP.

Log files can also be automatically emailed to a user-configured email account. This may be more convenient for some people than FTP.