Wildfire Management - Environmental - Emergency Response

When wildfires do occur, knowing accurate weather conditions at the location of the fire not only provides a powerful tool to help control the fire, it also helps save lives. Since data from a fixed RAWS station network may not provide the granularity needed, fire management agencies will position several FTS Quick Deploy portable RAWS around the perimeter of the fire. Because they can be set up or dismantled by one person in under 15 minutes, they can be re-positioned as needed. During a wildfire, firefighting crews do not carry laptops (nor do they have time to connect one or the training to operate complex software). FTS customers appreciate the ability to change any configurations as needed for the specific situation with the simple graphical interface on the integrated touchscreen of the Axiom datalogger. Portable RAWS positioned around the fire's perimeter save firefighters' lives.


AirTalk radio voice communication provides weather conditions on-demand to firefighters via a digitized voice directly to their handheld short-range radios. This access to weather conditions when needed provides valuable insight to allow firefighters to predict the behavior of the fire. More importantly, the Quick Deploy will broadcast alerts when weather conditions change to create a safety hazard for firefighters on the ground.

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