Banner Engineering Corp.

Wireless industrial I/O applications for factory automation - Manufacturing, Other

Banner Engineering`s SureCross product line offers reliable wireless industrial I/O monitoring and control solutions for most applications, including these examples of wireless installations for factory automation.

Banner’s solution combines a SureCross Wireless I/O Network and the Banner TL50 Tower Light indicator to create a Wireless EZ-LIGHT. This Node provides a simple plug-n-play solution for machine status applications.

Production operators needed a way to easily call the forklift drivers to deliver additional parts or to remove completed assemblies from the work stations. Because the production area is frequently reconfigured when production requirements change, a wired system would require time-consuming rewiring with every reconfiguration.

Using Wireless Q45 Sensors and EZ-LIGHTs, the customer created a notification system. Each production area has one switch box and one tower light connected to the input on a Wireless Q45 Sensor with dry contact inputs. When a manager or technician is needed on the production line, an employee flips a switch.