Wireless industrial I/O applications for process control - Manufacturing, Other

Banner Engineering`s SureCross product line offers reliable wireless industrial I/O monitoring and control solutions for most applications, including these examples of wireless installations for process control.

As material is loaded into a lathe, the operator validates its position and alignment to prevent tooling damage, material loss, and production slowdowns. Betty Machine wanted to improve process efficiency by automating this process. The solution would have to perform reliably despite machine vibration, moving components, and airborne debris.

A major supplier of bulk food ingredients has recently been asked by its customer to verify the building is secure at all times. To achieve this, multiple door and window access points throughout the plant need to be constantly monitored.

A large petroleum products recycling plant in Detroit required a unique solution for monitoring solvents in mobile tanks that were moved by semi-truck. Because these fluids were flammable, a Class I, Division 1 solution was required.

In the past, personnel from the recycling plant would manually measure the tanker trucks and log the available quantities by hand on clipboards. At the end of the day, these amounts were logged to keep track of available product and remaining storage space. The values were seldom accurate and caused ongoing problems in production, resulting in costly delays.