Wireless industrial I/O applications for vehicle detection - Automobile & Ground Transport

Banner Engineering`s SureCross product line offers reliable wireless industrial I/O monitoring and control solutions for most applications, including these wireless installations for vehicle detection.

In grain stations and ports, railcar axle movers push railway cars so that train engines are not needed.

A railcar wheel monitoring system detects the railcar wheels and triggers an axle pushing arm to activate, pushing the railcars to the next loading or unloading station.

For security reasons, the entrance to a gated community is controlled by either a security guard or an unmanned system. Typically unmanned systems require an authorized code or a handheld remote to open the gate. When exiting the gated community, however, an automatically opening gate is typically used.

To avoid having to damage large portions of the brick or stonework installed near the exit, use a small, compact, M-GAGE® sensor to trigger the outgoing traffic.