World`s First Integrated Wireless Radar Level Transmitter For Water. - Monitoring and Testing - Water Monitoring and Testing

Based on the wireless radar technology SenZ2 provides a complete solution for remote, real-time monitoring and logging of water levels. For the water sector real-time insights in water levels is key. Accurate level-measurement data can result in improved policy, reduction of risks and direct cost savings. The Wireless Level Radar (WLR05-2G/001) can monitor waste water and overflow, surface water and groundwater in remote places without any power source. With radar as the most reliable and cost-effective level measurement technology, there is no reason to accept a lack of insights in water levels.

  • Application Types / surface water, wastewater, groundwater
  • Connectivity / Wireless, global coverage
  • Update frequency / 1 – 24 messages a day
  • Measurement Frequency / 1 – 96 measurements a day
  • Logging storage / 10.000 measurements
  • Sensor Type / Wireless Level Radar WLR05-2G/001
  • Battery life-time / 1 – 10  years (depending on measurement frequency)
  • Infrastructure needed / no
  • Data Platform/ MakeSenZ2 Online Portal
  • 3rd Party Platform connections / DelftFEWS, Lizard, your platform?