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Recycled cellulose fiber is an ecological and healthy thermal insulation material. Its raw material is recycled paper and it is manufactured ecologically by Makron technology – without polluting the environment. The embodied energy of recycled cellulose fiber is significantly lower than that of fiberglass or rockwool insulation. Our technology makes your production more efficient and delivers a high-quality product. We offer you complete Makron Fibretec production lines according to your volume needs and deliver them with intelligent automation included. We cover every aspect of the project from engineering design to commissioning and staff training.

Thermal Insulation

Demand for sustainable building products is increasing

With recycled cellulose insulation, it is possible to convert a house into a carbon sink! Recycled cellulose insulation is an ecological and economical thermal and acoustic insulation material, for both new and renovated buildings, to be used both on building sites and in house factories. It is suitable for ceilings, attics, floors and wall structures. Cellulose insulation is a green material manufactured from recycled newsprint. Non-toxic natural minerals are used to protect the insulation material against fire and rot.

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Good reasons for choosing recycled cellulose fiber insulation

  • ecological – significantly lower embodied energy than in fiberglass or rockwool insulation
  • self-sealing insulation material – minimizes unwanted air leaks
  • excellent thermal insulation value
  • excellent acoustic properties
  • breathing material – evens out the moisture in the structures
  • fire safe – does not catch, propagate or spread fire
  • resists rot, fungi growth, and pests
  • strong adhesion to the surrounding structures
  • manufactured locally from recycled paper
  • user-friendly installation – safe, no cutting, no waste

Thermal conductivity
λ ~ 0,040 W/mK.
(Actual λ -values determined and approved by local authorities.)

Fire endurance
Cellulose insulation does not maintain or spread fire
(Actual classification according to local requirements.)

Air conductivity
65…120 x 10-6 m3/msPa
(depending on the installed density)

Recycled cellulose fiber insulation can be installed manually or with specialized blowing or spraying machines. Installation with machines usually takes place by a contractor, who brings the insulation material and blowing/spraying machines to the installation site. Due to the convenient installation method, no cutting of the installation material is needed.

Blowing method

is most often used in horizontal and diagonal structures, e.g. on attics and floors. Blowing method can also be used for filling closed wall or floor panels in house factories or when adding insulation for renovated houses and buildings. The dry insulation material is blown into the cavity in question. The fine graded material penetrates well even the small holes and fills exactly and seamlessly the entire cavity.

Spraying method

is used on vertical structures, e.g. on walls. It can be done either in the house factory or on the building site before closing the wall panel or wall part. The insulation material is moistened with fine water dust while it is sprayed onto the open structure. A seamless and draughtless insulation layer is achieved even in small and difficult places. After drying the insulation is well adhered to the surrounding structures, which prevents sagging or separation from the structures.