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1-20 ton crane rail mounting considerations


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1. Generally, crane is large-scale equipment, and therefore installation work should be responsible by the professional company which hold installation certificate.
2. Before erecting, installation quality inspection must be strictly in accordance with the following rail-mounted technical requirements, and recorded the results of actual measurements on the 'Device file cards.'
(1) Rail joint divided into straight joint or to be made 45 degrees tilting joint, tilting joint can make smooth transition of the crane wheel at the grounded, normally the joint gap of 1 to 2 mm. Two ends of the rails, install with sturdy stopper to prevent the crane derail from both ends of the rails, causing the crane crashed from height and other serious accidents.
(2) Lateral displacement or rugged error of the grounded rail shall not be greater than 1 mm.
(3) Two parallel rails, on each surface in the span direction, the deviation of rail level is H, in the column not exceed 10 mm, and at the other place not exceed 10 mm.
(4) On the same side of the rail surface, adjacent elevation error between the two pillars should not exceed B / 1500 (B is pillar pitch, unit is millimeters), but the maximum cannot exceed 10 mm.

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