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10 years operation experience of thermal hydrolysis projects

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Cambi Milestones
  • 1990 - First development work following research work of Li and Noike
  • 1995 – HIAS Norway – first full scale plant – still working very well after 10 years
  • 1998 - 2002 rapid increase in projects, Naestved, Chertsey, Lillehammer, Borregaard, Fredrecia, Aberdeen, Niigate, Dublin – new challenges and risks to be overcome
  • 2000 - 2005 some problem solving
    • Chertsey – fragmented engineering, new risks and operational issues esp. odour
      • Re-engineered 2005 and operations contact between Thames Water and Cambi
      • Proven odour control system using digester feed
    • Borregaard – continuous system pumping problems
      • Proven pump selection – now used in modular mobile system
    • Dublin/Aberdeen – hot pump stator problems, steam issues
      • Proven stator material selected
      • Improvements to control logic and some equipment (mainly valves)
      • Improvement in operations and maintenance
      • Digester recirculation system

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