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11 Noteworthy Changes to the New and Updated FORS Standard

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The new FORS Standard (4.0) has been released this month and we’ve been going through the summary of changes to bring your attention to the most noteworthy updates.

Changes to the silver application process, new rules for vehicle walk around checks and monitoring fuel consumption and noise are just a few of the updates.

What FORS is Saying
Quoted in Logistics Manager, FORS Concession Director John Hix said: “This is our greenest ever FORS Standard. NOX and particulate matter, noise, alternative drives, tyre and fuel management all come under the spotlight in this update. And we’re responding to best practice development within the industry. For example, FORS Standard 4.0 introduces at Bronze licence checking using a risk based verification system that directly accesses the DVLA database. Above all, it’s a streamlined document, making it more user-friendly and even more engaging.”

The Changes to Highlight
With the number of FORS accredited members now exceeding 4,000, we thought it would be useful to go through the summary document and see how the new standard differs from its previous incarnation. So here are the major changes, in our view.

  • Tyres and fuel consumption: More evidence is required of managing the full life-cycle of tyres, as well as a system of monitoring and managing fuel consumption.
  • Defect checks: Operators are required to demonstrate that checks are done on each vehicle operated by a driver.
  • Highway Code: Operators must give every driver a copy and tell them to observe it!
  • Staff Induction: This must be structured and have a focus on health & safety and vulnerable road users.
  • In-cab technology: This now has its own section in FORS 4.0
  • Engine idling: There are new requirements for engine idling.
  • Applying for silver accreditation: The rules have changed so that operators need at least 30 calendar days left on their bronze accreditation when applying for silver. Make sure you don’t get caught out!
  • Reversing alarm: Must now be fitted on all vehicles over 3.5 tonnes GVW
  • NOx and particulates: Must now be monitored as part of the capture of emissions data –with the need for operators to actively reduce the impact of emissions.
  • New recruits: There must now be a plan in place to recruit new drivers into the industry.
  • Noise: An assessment of how loud the operation is must now be documented.

The FORS Standard is reviewed and updated on a two-yearly cycle, and covers pathways to FORS Bronze, FORS Silver and FORS Gold accreditation.

Our list of noteworthy updates above is not exhaustive and is based on“FORS Standard – summary of changes between version 3.3 October 2014 and version 4.0 September 2016”. For additional information you can view the FAQs on the FORS website.

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