12 years and still going strong for Kinetico and Tesco case study


Courtesy of Kinetico - an Axel Johnson Company

Over the last 12 years, Kinetico products have been the preferred choice when it comes to water treatment in new Tesco stores.

Selected for their energy efficiency and simple operation, Kinetico’s Mach 2030s and 2060s provide stores across the UK with softened water.

Keeping appliances efficient for as long as possible is a key factor when Tesco specifies its new build stores. With various store sizes and requirements...

Tesco need a company that can deliver for every project which is why Kinetico is the
perfect choice.

For several years, Kinetico has been written into the specification of new build Tesco stores and has worked with many contractors, including Platignum, Essex Services Group Plc and Constant Air Systems to ensure the right products are installed for each site.

Each Tesco store is a modular build and takes between 12 and 14 weeks to construct, Kinetico is involved from the initial design phase right through to the installation ensuring that the equipment supplied is always correct for the application.

“Kinetico products are a simple and reliable solution to water treatment needs,”
comments Barry Fitzpatrick, Sales Director, Platignum.

“It is a simple mechanical application and requires no electrical supply and can easily be connected to the pipework. In the last five years all of our plant rooms for new stores have been fitted with Kinetico water softeners”.

Kinetico’s patented non-electric, automatic water softeners work by removing the calcium and magnesium ions through an ion exchange process. Due to its twin tank design, a Kinetico water softener can continuously provide softened water; while one tank is working the other is being cleaned with a salt solution to remove the calcium and magnesium ions.

Most water softeners have timers so regeneration can take place at a set time when the water is not being used, for example at night, but this can be counterproductive if there has not been a lot of water usage during the day. The Kinetico fully automatic control valve measures the soft water used and only regenerates on demand allowing water usage to vary each day without causing waste. Not only does a Kinetico water softener increase the energy efficiency of equipment, as it uses kinetic energy there are no associated electricity costs to run the softeners.

“We are honored to be the chosen supplier for Tesco,”
comments John Bisset, Operations and Technical Service Director, Kinetico.

“We have worked extremely hard over the years to create products which are both technically innovative and easy to use. Our commitment is demonstrated through the length of time we have worked with Tesco and we hope this partnership will continue to grow.”

As well as commissioning the products, Kinetico offers maintenance and staff training to all Tesco stores. If the installation of the water softener was undertaken by another company, a Kinetico engineer will visit the site to perform final checks on the water treatment system before it becomes operational.

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