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2 Sisters Food Group - Case Study


Courtesy of FogBusters, Inc.

High chicken fat, causing screen pluggage, resulting in annual disposal cost of $45,000. Downstream processes could not operate
efficiently due to high fat resulting in high surcharges, compliance issues as well as odor problems.

FogbusterTM 1800, complete with solids removal augers, low shear pumps and fully automated control systems. Steam utilized
due to the fast solidifying nature of the chicken fat and outdoor installation.

The effluent now initially treated by the Forbuster system efficiently removes the solid debris before de-oiling the effluent. Wedge wire screen now works as designed to remove fine solids and carbon from the ovens. All downstream processes operating at peak efficiencies. Site is now compliant with the effluent standards required, odor was dispelled and sludge haulage costs significantly reduced. Surcharges have reduced by 80% and the bonus, recovered oil sales are yielding approx $ 8,500 per month.

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