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2000 IFAI award mud lake dam liner cover, Gardnerville, Nevada


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Situated at the base of the United States' picturesque Sierra Nevada range, the reser-voir at Mud Lake Dam, Gardnerville, Nev., was built using horse-drawn scrapers and steam shovels more than 100 years ago as an earthen dam. No longer meeting the safety standards established by the Dam Safety agency of the State of Nevada, re-habilitation was deemed necessary, A cost-effective alternative to the traditional re-inforced-concrete face dam was proposed by Colorado Lining International. The proposed geosynthetic solution incorpo-rated a geomembrane with geotextile pro-tective layers and a concrete-filled geocell armor cover.

This paper focuses on a specific geomem-brane face/geosynthetic composite rehabil-itation to the rockfill dam built early in the year 2000.

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