2004 Environmental Labour Market (ELM) Report


Courtesy of ECO Canada

The 2004 Environmental Labour Market (ELM) Report, presents the results of the 2004 Environmental Labour Market (ELM) Study. This study was developed by CCHREI and funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program. This report follows up on the 2000 Human Resources in the Environmental Sectors Final Report (2000 Report). The primary objective of the 2004 ELM Study was to develop an understanding of current and future human resource needs of organizations employing environmental practitioners and to investigate the ways in which these needs have evolved since the 2000 Report. The study was also designed to meet the following additional objectives:
  • Estimate the change in the size of the environmental workforce since the 2000 Report, 
  • Describe the employment profile of environmental practitioners,
  • Describe recruitment practices by employers and identify recruitment issues,
  • Explore training issues and assess the need for practitioner skills upgrading,
  • Determine the extent to which the skills of graduates match the needs of industry, and
  • Collect information about other issues as they pertain to the environmental workforce.

This report will assist employers with business and human resource planning by providing information about trends in the environment sector. The information provided will help employers understand the challenges they face in recruiting and retaining skilled employees. Educators can use this report to shape new training programs that are responsive to employers’ needs and update or develop curriculum to provide the students entering the workforce with the skill sets required by employers. Finally, the 2004 ELM Report will provide governments with labour market projections on the future demand in the environment sector and identify trends affecting the supply of environmental practitioners.

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