2005 Changing Climate: Canadian Meteorological Employment


Courtesy of ECO Canada

Recognizing the importance of quality meteorological services and information for Canadian industries and individuals, ECO Canada designed this study to determine the current and future human resource needs of the meteorological sector in Canada. In addition to the traditional meteorological sector, the study explored a wide range of allied business sectors, including transportation, broadcasting, and other areas, which apply to meteorology. The study was designed to meet the following objectives:
  • Provide the Canadian meteorological sector with a greater understanding of the sector’s current and forecasted labour market requirements;
  • Provide meteorological educators and trainers with a greater understanding of the industry’s skills requirements and a competency foundation for program and course development and refinement; and 
  • Provide ECO Canada and funding organizations with sufficient information to determine if additional work, such as the development of national occupational standards and certification programs, would be of value.

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