2010 Filtrexx Sustainability Report


Courtesy of Filtrexx International, LLC

There is a romantic longing to return to nature, to go green. But rare are the opportunities to do so without sacrificing efficiency, economy or other measures of performance. Our relationship to the land is ironic in this sense; we profit from plundering it but are depleted by its depletion, because renewal is not something we can bestow on our inanimate creations.  The problems made by man can’t be solved by man– but instead by harnessing the very nature we have displaced in pursuit of our own progress. Filtrexx represents the elusive balm of a natural solution that also serves the needs of man to profit without foregoing natural resources required to serve those needs.Global warming, natural resource conservation, energy, food safety, soil quality, water quality, food quality, and urban restoration spur serious thoughts about human sustainability.

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