21 or 22 good reasons to be a green business

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Courtesy of BSC Sustainability Services

Increased Revenue

• Client base

Clients and prospective customers prefer to do business with companies with common values. Client retention will increase while the base of new clients will expand. Public and private sector purchasing practices will increasingly consider a company’s environmental policies in the selection process.

• Reputation and public image

Employees, executives, business partners, clients, shareholders, family and friends want to align with an environmentally responsible business

• Industry trends & competition

Being aware of industry trends is smart business. The marketplace rewards best practices, separating leaders from laggards. Competitors are aware of marketplace trends and will implement sustainability measures if they haven’t already done so.

Reduced Operating Cost

• Energy costs

Reduced energy use and cost results from green business operation. Lowering peak energy demand results in outsized energy cost reductions.

• Water costs

Ensuring adequate freshwater supplies will become increasingly difficult over the coming decades. Water conservation strategies can reduce water use by 50% or more.

• Cleaning and maintenance costs

Carefully selected, green building materials and products require less maintenance or reduce the need for cleaning. Smart landscaping with native plants typically requires significantly less maintenance than conventional turf and shrubbery.

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