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2Future sustainability software raises the bar in quality sustainability software

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Improving performance and assuring compliance of company environmental and health and safety obligations is vital to the longevity of any business. Sustainability Reporting and Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Management compliance issues are on the rise and with the increasing cost of documenting these activities more than ever is it crucial to lower overhead in the complex and competitive global business environment.

2future’s (formerly Proventia Solutions) Sustainability software offers reliable and proven solutions to the sustainability documentation and data capture issues plaguing many businesses today. With over 10 years as a notable global industry player in the sustainability software market, 2Future develops software with the end user in mind, working closely with leading multinational companies and keeping in line with the GRI process.

2Future’s software has been implemented in businesses across more than 80 countries worldwide. Spanning across industry sectors such as energy, retail, and forest and manufacturing, its software offers each client a comprehensive management platform with consistent transparency in data collection while efficiently storing collated data - reducing time, expenditure, and risk associated with spreadsheet errors.

Web based and connectable to other information systems with linking compatibility to financial reporting platforms such as SEC, IFRS, and Basel II, 2Future’s software reduces aggregation issues and provides visibility that can be easily cascaded to key stakeholders and business performance managers. Along with customization in reporting to meet the informational requirements of investors and analysts, 2Future’s software delivers on a low total cost of ownership with more efficiency and speed than many leading sustainability compliance software available on the market.

Climate change, environmental regulatory compliance, and enterprise performance management are just some of the key subjects being addressed as legislation tightens and competition stiffens in the business industry. To help ensure the prosperity of your business, contact 2future to discuss how its innovative carbon and compliance management software can improve your reporting methodology and save you time and money in the current economic climate whilst ensuring accurate compliance to environmental regulations.

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