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3 Reasons the FM100 Flowmeter Excels in Water and Wastewater Applications

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You might not guess by looking at it, but the FM100 Programmable Magnetic Flowmeter is an ideal fit for both water and wastewater applications. The combination of the FM100’s performance specifications and features make it uniquely suited to those environments and process requirements. Let’s look at three specific reasons the FM100 works so well in water and wastewater.

  1. The FM100 has an ultra-low conductivity threshold. Sensitive down to 20μS/cm, the FM100 can easily be used with:
    • Reverse osmosis water (generally 50 – 100 μS/cm)
    • Domestic/public tap water (500 – 800 μS/cm)
    • Potable water (up to 1,500 μS/cm)
    • Brackish water (100,000 μS/cm)
    In fact, only pure, deionized, or distilled water, which run from less than 1 to about 3μS/cm, are beyond the conductivity range of the FM100.
  2. The hard technical rubber lining of the FM100 is designed for liquids with low concentrations of sand or other abrasive particles, and it is compatible with process temperatures between 32° F and 158° F (0.1° C - 90° C). While the rubber is not safe for working with highly caustic acids, it can easily handle most water handling and wastewater treatment solutions.
  3. The FM100 provides an instantaneous linear flow measurement, via 4-20 mA output, and multiple onboard totalized volumetric flow archives. You can scale the 4-20 mA output over the flow reading five different ways:
    • 0 – positive max flow
    • 0 – negative max flow
    • 0 – max flow, regardless of direction
    • Negative max flow – positive max flow
    • Fixed current
    The onboard totalizer archives keep real-time positive volumetric flow totals by hour, day, and month, with each entry noting the amount of time, if any, the FM100 was powered off during that interval. The FM100 also offers a user resettable temporary time for totalizing volumetric flow across a specific time period. Taken together, the analog output and onboard archives give you a complete picture of your flow.

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