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3 things you need to know about pipe crawlers


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They are a new generation of highly agile viewing equipment that can be used for long-range inspections of pipelines of various diameters. For example, our new STORMER S3000 pipe crawler can travel within pipelines with double the speed of a conventional viewing device providing you with a complete view of the pipeline interior. During our extensive experience in selling inspection equipment and working with our clients all over the world we have come up with a list of 3 winning characteristics that make pipe crawlers irreplaceable tools for effective, economical and comfortable inspections. We want to demonstrate them using the STORMER S3000 as an example:

  1. Outstanding Versatility. The pipeline inspection applications can be rather diverse and you do not want to buy a new device every time you have to inspect a different pipe. The STORMER S3000 Pipe Crawler is a versatile device that greatly increases your efficiency while minimizing operation time. It is geared up for inspecting pipelines from 150mm (5.9”) to 1000mm (40”) in diameter. The highly scalable design can be adjusted to your particular inspection requirements within seconds – you can choose between two camera mounts (top and front) and several sets of wheels. As of today, it is one of the most sophisticated and efficient, yet affordable pipe crawlers in the market. It is a powerful 5 speed 15 Nm 4 wheel drive with chain transmission operating on 48 V DC motor. An optional inclinometer that sends data on pipe gradient to OSD for display can be included in the set.
  2. Unprecedented Precision. Key characteristic, as both you and your client need the exact answer what the problem is as soon as possible. The pipe crawler STORMER S3000 provides you with a clear, true to life images of pipeline interiors at the click of a button. The pan-and-tilt camera with continuous rotation is equipped with a 0.5 lux sensitive, high-definition CMOS chip (720×576 pixels), protected by a scratchproof front window to prevent image impairment, which occurs from using cameras in multiple cycles of inspection in abrasive environments. The camera is designed to withstand up to 5.5 bar pressure and is protected by a Stainless steel housing with Aluminum anodized finish. The eco-friendly homogenous LED light Illumination can be adjusted depending on the inspection lighting conditions
  3. Groundbreaking Portability. Pipe crawlers are easy to set up and transport with you wherever you need to go. In our case, the STORMER S3000 consists of several modules that are very easy to assemble: pan-and-tilt camera, insertion cable, CCU, cable reel and crawler. The CCU with easy-to-use silicon rubber controls and integrated LED backlit 10.4” HD TFT flat panel monitor is housed in a portable, sturdy Pelican case. You can record inspection data in MPEG2 format, use WinCan compatiblesoftware and type up to 6 pages of comments. You have a choice of saving the information to the hard drive or a USB memory stick that connects to the unit on the main control panel. The STORMER S3000 pipe crawler uses 110v or 240v mains or 1KVA generator power inlet for power supply. 

In overall, pipe crawlers are fast, versatile, high-performance viewing devices that allow you to examine wide range of pipelines with ease while saving you a great deal of time, money and nerves.

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