3D Offshore Imaging for Seawater Intake for Desalination Plants - Case Study


Courtesy of Advanced Geosciences, Inc.

AGI’s Multi-Electrode Switch Box is an accessory to the SuperSting Wi-Fi. It allows the SuperSting Wi-Fi to automatically control and switch passive electrodes connected by a passive multi-electrode cable for automatic data acquisition in 2D, 3D, and 4D surveys. The rugged and sealed design makes it ideal for harsh environments like sub-surface, marine and borehole measurements, and long-term monitoring systems.

The Multi-Electrode switch box is also available with banana socket connector for each electrode. This option is useful in lab studies, where single conductor wire is used to connect each individual electrode.

Multi-Electrode Switch Box Use Case

The Multi-Electrode SwitchBox supports the following deployments:

  • Roll-along for 2D and 3D surveys.

  • All electrode arrays.

  • Any user-created four electrode array. Electrodes can be located anywhere in 3D space.

  • Surface, surface-to-borehole, and borehole-to-borehole measurements.

  • Time-lapse (4D) surveys.

Additionally, the Multi-Electrode Switch Box is ideal for monitoring a permanently installed AGI passive graphite electrode cable to assess for leakage, seepage, impermeable membranes, and perimeters. In new landfills, for example, it’s important to identify the areas that are too dry, as these areas will need more bacteria (leachate) introduced to break down the solid matter, which gives off methane. Landfill owners can sell back this methane as natural gas and use it as a secondary revenue stream.

Product Features


  • Aluminum instrument case for rugged environments.

  • Interfaces with the SuperSting Wi-Fi.

  • Default systems are available in 28, 56, 84 and 112-electrode capacity.

  • Special orders are available with 24, 32, 42, 48, 64, 72, or 96-electrode capacity.

  • Can be “daisy chained” together for unlimited electrode numbers.

  • Interfaces with the AGI passive electrode cables, i.e. borehole cables, underwater cables, and land cables.

  • Can be interfaced in combination with AGI active dual-mode electrode cables.


  • Switch Boxes 28-84: 254mm x 254mm x 160mm (10'x10'x6.3')

  • Switch Box 112: 330mm x 231mm x 180mm (13.0'x9.1'x7.1')


  • Switch Boxes 28-112 Max 6.0 Kg (14 Lbs.)

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