3E Company Gives Cabot Microelectronics Corporation the Power to Comply with Global Regulations


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Cabot Microelectronics Corporation (CMC) is a supplier of sophisticated polishing compounds and polishing pads used in the manufacture of advanced semiconductors and rigid disks--critical components that drive today‘s electronic systems from desktop and laptop computers, cellular phones and electronic games, to personal data assistants, telecommunication switchboards and the servers that power our expanding Internet world.

CMC's philosophy of customer intimacy drives its sales and customer support operations and fuels its commitment to building and maintaining customer/supplier partnerships throughout the world. The breadth and depth of CMC's support team enables the company to provide technology solutions and establish close working relationships with customers around the world.


With more than 700 employees, and products distributed around globe, CMC faces a variety of environmental, health and safety (EH&S) challenges, ranging from material safety data sheet (MSDS) management to complying with the myriad of regulations affecting its business. The Company distributes products and maintains offices in approximately 15 countries around the globe, including Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States, and is tasked with maintaining compliance in each of the regions.

According to the EH&S Team, one of CMC’s biggest EH&S challenges is regulatory compliance. Since CMC is constantly developing new products for global distribution, complying with local chemical control laws in targeted markets has been particularly challenging.

The Team has also noticed that from a regulatory standpoint, dealing with the myriad of chemical control laws can also be quite challenging. As CMC is regularly developing new products and expanding into new markets, it has to ensure global EH&S compliance, ranging from the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) to local Japanese and Korean regulations.
The EH&S Team has also faced the burden that global companies face in complying with local regulations as well as broader regional regulations, including the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive, Europe's newly enacted Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) regulatory framework for chemical substances, and the Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS).

In addition to these regulatory challenges, the EH&S Team is also tasked with handling the authoring, distribution and management of its raw material MSDSs. In the past, the Team relied on outdated paper filing systems for tracking and managing MSDSs, which made it difficult to ensure consistency and timely employee access. Keeping its MSDSs current and consistent was a constant challenge.


In response to these challenges, the EH&S Team began researching outsourced compliance solutions to help relieve the burden of global EH&S compliance. First, the Team began searching for an outsourced solution for identifying, tracking, maintaining and complying with international chemical regulatory guidelines; then, several years later, they began their quest to find a reliable MSDS management solution.

The Team initially reviewed online regulatory compliance reference tools from four different vendors, but decided to implement 3E Company’s Ariel WebInsight solution because it was the only one that met all of CMC’s needs. From the Team’s perspective, it provided the best functionality and cost available on the market.

Ariel WebInsight gives CMC access to the most current, accurate, comprehensive global regulatory data available. CMC relies on this data when making critical business decisions every day, such as using it to determine if products under development will be compliant with the EH&S regulations in the intended markets of sale.

The EH&S team has found WebInsight to be extremely reliable, as well as convenient, and they appreciate that it is available online 24-7-365 and has an easy-to-use interface with robust search, query, reporting and analysis features.

CMC also uses 3E Company’s 3E Online-MSDS, 3E’s award-winning MSDS management system to help manage their MSDSs and ensure consistency across locations.

3E Online-MSDS has been invaluable in helping CMC simplify its raw material MSDS management. The EH&S Team uses it to manage more than 2200 MSDSs globally and have found it to be a valuable asset. CMC has been able to configure it so that it is customized specifically to meet it’s EH&S needs.

3E Company's unique ability to bring solutions for the management of both product MSDSs with 3E Online as well as regulatory content with Ariel WebInsight enables CMC’s EH&S staff to focus on the most recent and relevant regulatory changes which impact the company's own specific chemical inventories. This is helpful in understanding the impact of regulatory change on the company's operations.

CMC has also benefited from having 24-7-365 access to its hazardous material inventory and associated MSDSs. Instant Internet access gives employees the ability to search, view, print, email and fax of any MSDSs in their inventory 24-7-365 and assists in compliance with OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200.


CMC has been using WebInsight for several years now, and has been very pleased with the quality of the product.

Before using WebInsight, the EH&S Team was tasked with researching and supplying its own regulatory information. The Team has found that using WebInsight not only streamlines its regulatory compliance activities, but also gives them the confidence that they are meeting CMC’s EH&S compliance obligations around the globe.

The Team has been similarly pleased with 3E Online-MSDS, as it helps CMC ensure that they are compliant with OHSA’s HazComm standard. The EH&S Team has noticed that employee access to MSDSs has improved since it has been implemented. It’s been a great resource that helps the EH&S staff satisfy their job requirements while focusing on compliance.

CMC has been very satisfied with both systems. The EH&S staff noted that 3E has always provided excellent support and that they have been very pleased through the years.

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