40 years’ constant pumping - and still going strong


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The pump installed at Shirley Farm, near Montgomery in Powys, transfers water from a 15 feet deep well, along 20 yards of 1” diameter pipework to a 100 gallon tank located in the top storey of the farmhouse. The water is then delivered for use throughout the 20 acre dairy farm as required.

Farmer Austin Griffiths, now retired, replaced the original hand pump with a rotary pump when he first moved to the property in 1956. Neither pump proved capable of doing the job effectively.

An agricultural engineer recommended the Mono progressing cavity pump to Mr Griffiths, who purchased it second
hand as an ex-hire model. The M range is specially designed to handle a wide variety of light industial applications. Steady output pressure and nonpulsating flow are key features of the pump, and M range models can easily achieve suction lifts of up to 26 feet.

Mr Griffiths installed the pump himself, in an outbuilding, and by utilising an 18” ‘U’ bend of pipe, the pump is effectively permanently primed. Activated by a float switch in the storage tank, the pump typically cuts in three times an hour.

The pump body is manufactured from close grained cast iron, with a stainless steel rotor and synthetic nitrile rubber stator. Its compact construction means that the entire pump takes up less than half a cubic foot of space. A simple design ensures that maintenance is extremely uncomplicated and does not require special tools - Mr Griffiths was able to replace the worn stator on his pump himself, in under 30 minutes.

A further notable characteristic of the M range pump is its silent running, which makes it particularly suited to domestic installation.

Satisfied Mono customer Austin Griffiths says: “This is probably the most reliable piece of equipment I have ever owned”.

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