5 New Features for Trojan Noise Nuisance Users in NoiseTools v1.6.1


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We’ve added a number of new features and functions to NoiseTools v1.6.1 to help make analysis and reporting easier for our Trojan Noise Nuisance Users. Take a look at these 5 new features and learn some handy tips for upgrading.

NoiseTools v1.6.1 for Noise Nuisance Users

What’s New?

There’s a whole range of other new features that we’ve added but here’s a quick run down of what’s new for our noise nuisance customers:

1. New Noise Nuisance ReportNoiseTools Noise Nuisance Report

A new Noise Nuisance Report has been added for Trojan users that includes a list of the start and end time of each audio recording, as well as any user markers that have been added.

This is very useful if you want a quick summary of the recordings that have been made by the user.

If you have zoomed into a section of the data, this will be reflected in the report.

2. Measurement reports can be combined and a cover page added

You can add any number of reports together and add a cover page before saving or printing the final report.

The combined report could contain, for example, the complete measurement along with sections of interest. You can also add frequency analysis reports if these are of interest (if you are investigating a tonal noise complaint for example).

3. Improved Audio Playback

The audio playback controls are now part of the main screen so playback will continue if you move to a different application.

4. Multiple Audio Recordings can be exported at the same time

Exporting audio files from NoiseTools

If you need to give recordings to a third party to listen to, you can use the markers table and select the recordings to export. You can choose as many or as few as needed and then export them into a standard WAV file which can be saved to a CD or USB stick.

5. Recalculation of Values within Markers

If you’ve added markers to a measurement, NoiseTools will calculate and display values within the markers.

Markers can be used to identify specific noise sources as well as indicating areas of significance for later investigation.

Notes can be added to markers making it easier to review and analyse your measurement data.

An example application for this would be an investigation of the noise from a fan. A section of the graph where the fan is off and when it is on can be marked.

NoiseTools will recalculate values for the marked sections and display this on the screen.

The new markers table will also show the data for the marked sections, as well as showing the remaining noise with the markers removed.

If you’ve marked several sections as being the same noise source, a fan for example, you can combine the markers into a single one and NoiseTools will list how many times the noise occurred as well as calculating the total and remaining values.

Recalculate acoustic value for marked sections

Stay up-to-date with the Latest Version of NoiseTools

We’d always recommend that you stay up to date with the latest version as this contains all of the new features, as well as minor updates and features.

You can check what version you’re running in NoiseTools by clicking on the Help then About. The version number will be displayed here and will be something like You can ignore the 2345 on the end, so it’s the 1.6.1 that’s important.

To check what the latest version is, you can go to our software download page at www.cirrusresearch.co.uk/library/software

Also, if your IT system allows, you can use the auto-update in NoiseTools by clicking Help then Check for Updates. NoiseTools will tell you if there is a new version. This may be blocked depending on how your IT system is configured.

Getting Support for NoiseTools

If you need help on NoiseTools, you can call us on 01723 891 655 or you can raise a support ticket on our website at www.cirrusresearch.co.uk/support

Getting the best from NoiseTools

If you’re getting a new PC or if your PC is being upgraded, we’d recommend that it meets the minimum requirements that we publish. This will ensure that you can use all of the functions and features of NoiseTools.

Details of what we recommend are on our website and you can find the latest information using this link.

Detailed Technical Information

There are a number of detailed technical articles available that cover the installation of NoiseTools that may be useful to IT departments. These can be downloaded from our website at www.cirrusresearch.co.uk/library/technical-notes/

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