5 Strategies for Staff Engagement on Sustainability

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The challenge of getting staff engaged in sustainability requires strategic insight based upon a deep understanding of what truly drives behavior change.

There has been a surge interest recently from the corporate world around staff engagement on sustainability. And, it seems that the challenge of getting employees engaged requires far more than just strong will power and talent. It requires strategic sophisticated insight based upon a deep understanding of what truly drives humans to change the way staff behave on a daily basis...

Along these lines, the following five strategies represent the best practices for staff engagement on sustainability, from some successful green champions:

Target specific human behaviours

Pick a specific human behaviour to focus on first - like energy use or recycling - and create a targeted campaign to shift that particular human behaviour. Then, once you've had some initial success, find a way to harness that momentum towards other critical sustainability projects and targeted behaviours. A series of small measurable wins will add up to serious psychological momentum, over time, and do a lot more to shift towards a sustainability culture than any feel good slogans and lofty rhetoric.

Make it simple for staff engagement

Sometimes the best solutions are those that could have been cooked up by a 5 year old, so with all of our strategic brilliance, let's be careful not to overlook the obvious. Making it simple is sometimes the best way to engage staff around sustainability.

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